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Niagara Family Foot Care: Foot & Nail Treatment in Niagara Falls

Sometimes you need a little help getting on your feet. At Niagara Family Foot Care, we help families, athletes and elderly persons step with ease and confidence, alleviating pain and correcting deformities. We offer comprehensive foot care for the whole family including treatment of nail and foot disorders, custom-made orthotics, orthopedic footwear and compression hosiery.


Healthy feet are essential for all age groups in order to avoid ongoing physical problems when walking, running and other activities. These problems are often different in children than in adults. This is why our chiropodists offer individualized foot care and focus on challenges typical to your age.


We are ideally located in the Professional Portage Medical Building across from the Greater Niagara General Hospital in Niagara Falls at 5400 Portage Rd, Suite 303-304.


Professional Affiliations

  • College of Chiropodists of Ontario
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We offer sports injury and ingrown nail treatment.

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We're located next to the Greater Niagara General Hospital.

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Visit us for quality foot care for healthy and beautiful feet

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