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Niagara Falls' Source for Orthotics Designed for Foot Pain Relief

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Many causes of foot pain can be helped with the use of a custom-made orthotic device. Here at Niagara Family Foot Care, we are able to offer custom-made orthotics using a variety of casting techniques including high definition multi-phase 3D laser scanner as well as techniques using plaster casting. This allows us to capture full volumetric data of your feet aiding in the precise design and fabrication of your orthotics.

At Niagara Family Foot Care you do not need to bother your family doctor for a written prescription we are health regulated to both prescribe and dispense custom orthotics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Orthotics

Why Should I Wear Orthotics?

As stated above, orthotics can be used to help a number of different lower limb and foot conditions. One of the most common conditions is plantar fasciitis in which patients complain of heel pain especially that first few steps in the morning.

I Have Had Orthotics in the Past and They Are Too Bulky for My Shoe. How Do I Avoid That?

Here at Niagara Family Foot Care we can design slim line orthotics to fit your needs.

What Should I Expect When I Come in to Get Fitted for Orthotics?

One of our chiropodists will perform a biomechanical and gait analysis to determine what orthotic needs to be prescribed to help reduce pain and symptoms and to control any biomechanical abnormalities of the foot.

What Is the Difference Between Custom Made Orthotics and Insoles I Can Buy Over the Counter?

Custom made orthotics are fabricated from plaster casts or 3D volumetric scans of your feet to help accurately correct any abnormalities. Over the counter insoles are made for a generic foot type and are not tailored specifically for your needs.


We're located next to the Greater Niagara General Hospital.

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